Брестчина производит,
предлагает, приглашает
Брестчина производит,
предлагает, приглашает
The Business-Catalogue contains the information about producers and еxporter of the goods and services of the Brest area.    
The help information
FEZ-Brest СЭЗ-Брест
  Cities and villages Населенные пункты
  Maps Карты
  Coats of arms of Brest area towns and cities Гербы
  The regional organizations, associations, committees, managements, concerns the Brest area
  Economic divisions of city and regional executive committees of the Brest area considering investment projects and the offers
  Divisions of city executive committees of the Brest area, prosecuting subjects of privatization
  Codes of automatic telecommunication with regions of the Brest area
  Information bureau and service services of of Brest
  Region Postal service
  Region Electric communication
  Banks Банки
  The insurance companies
  Transport Транспорт
  Mass media
  Mass media
  Брестский курьер - Brest courier
  Ensemble Litviny Ансамбль Литвины
  Brestchina in pictures by Napoleon Orda
  The centralized library system of of Brest
  The Brest city central library of a name of A.S.Pushkin
  Artists Brestchiny
  Papshev Andrey Vasilevich, the artist-glass blower
The tourist organizations
The plan of the basic cultural regional and regional actions in 2004
Tourist routes
The plan of carrying out of mass sports actions in the Brest area
Rural manors
On September, 23, 2004 are solemnly open Memorial kaplitsa 1794 in village Chizhevshchina and Memorial Kostyushko's House-manor Tadeusha in natural boundary Merechevshchina.
On October, 4, 2004 the Memorial monument in natural boundary Hodosy on a place of execution of 196 peace inhabitants in September, 1942 is solemnly open.
Tourist routes of Pruzhany region
Restaurants, bars
Tadeusz Kosciuszko
Public catering establishments
Historical Figures
Consulates Консульства
The Photoreportings
Nature sanctuaries
Birds Brestchiny: the Swan the Ostrich
Reserve «Wild»
Output datas of the reference book
Brestchina produces, offers and invites-2002


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