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Художники Брестчины
We are all different but still we are united!
Whether it is possible by one short formula to characterize today's Brest region as one of the bright artistic areas of Belarus? Probably, it is possible, though it is rather difficult. As there is Minsk, as there are other, no less beautiful in aesthetical respect, regional palettes of the country. Here we have values of different order of magnitude, different reference systems are combined here. Therefore, one should talk not about direct comparisons and contrasts, but about unique coexistence — within the limits of a certain single whole — of, on the first sight, incompatible worlds, scales and styles of creative life.
And we occupy our own, unique place in this ensemble, or simply speaking, in the large multifarious collective of Belarusian artists. For more than semi-centennial period of existence of the regional creative organization we have made a long and complicated way of victories and losses. And today we can say for ourselves: we are the Brest region, we are different, but we are together. We focus our efforts on people and their environment, we have reached many secret places of human soul but still we are searching for higher truths, verifying them through our artistic experience; we are trying to penetrate into the Heart of the Earth and into the Soul of the Universe. And if after acquaintance with our art the man becomes even a bit kinder, or wiser, or more generous and spiritually rich, we consider that our mission was a success.
So what is this — the art of the Brest land? First of all, to my mind, it is emotionally hightened. Even if the emotionality does not always lie on the surface. Those nerves located near solar texture are perforce especially sensitive. This art happily possesses that breadth and freedom accompanied by imperceptible community of spiritual aspirations, which is obtained only through mental and emotional endurance, and without this there is nothing to do in real art. And we do have such endurance. This art is of a regional kind, for in its base it employs rhythms, colors and images of the land where artists live and do their creative work. And more. Everyone has one s own individuality, but there is no individualism, which can result in the false self-affirmation and loss of balance between Nature and Spirit and, as Nikolai Berdyajev noted, in «the absence of concept of the creative act as an universal value». Everyone has got one's own plastic culture, one's own intonation, and, while the attitude is common, everyone has one's own insights: someone — in painting, someone — in drawing, someone — in design, someone — in gobelin, someone — in fresco.
I think that the album «Artists of the Brest Region», issued in a new edition, will give the reader a sufficiently clear idea as to what makes life of fine arts culture of our land and how it develops, including creative work of young artists making their first steps in high art. Naturally, we also cannot forget those who are not with us already, but without whom the history of formation and development of our creative Union would have been incomplete. And, finally, I would like to say the words of special gratitude to the Chairman of the Brest Region Executive Committee Vasily Dolgolyov for constant support to the artists in all spheres of their organizational and creative activities, including the issue of this album.
Mikhail KONKOV, Chairman of the Brest regional branch of the Beiarusian Artists' Union

Худохники Брестчины

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Художники Брестчины
We are all different but still we are united!
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