Полная версия

Завод консервный
Открытое акционерное общество
«Кобринский консервный завод»

Дата создания - 1948 г.
Отрасль -
  • Производство продуктов питания и напитков

Почтовый адрес - Республика Беларусь, 225306, Брестская область, г. Кобрин, ул. Ленина, 62
контактные телефоны междугородный код, телефон

 Производимая продукция, услуги: 
  • обеденные консервы (щи, борщ, рассольник, свекольник)
  • консервы из фасоли
  • маринады
  • салаты
  • закуски, приправы
  • варенье, повидло, джемы
  • фруктовые соки
  • соус томатный
  • соки
  • свекла, морковь гарнирные, маринованные
  • горошек зелёный консервированный
Производитель фруктовых и овощных консервов, соков, томатных соусов, соков с мякотью.
Для выпуска конкурентоспособной продукции предприятием установлено технологическое оборудование для разлива и фасовки соков в бутылки Евро образца с укупоркой по типу ТWISТ ОFF ёмкостью 1л.
Предприятие заготавливает и закупает дикорастущие растения, грибы, техническое и лекарственное сырье растительного происхождения в целях промышленной переработки.
В настоящее время предприятие выставлено на торги:
Предприятие как имущественный комплекс, расположенное по адресу г. Кобрин, ул. Ленина, 62, регистрационный номер в ЕГРНИ 0001187, свидетельство о государственной регистрации № 2656 от 18.02.2013. Имущественный комплекс расположен на одном земельном участке с кадастровыми номерами 124350100002003928 (площадью 6,7 га).


Open Joint Stock Company
«Kobrin Cannery»
  • Foodstuff and drinks production

Postal address - 62, Lenina Str., 225306, Kobrin, Brestskaja oblast, Republic of Belarus
Contacts Telephone
Public joint-stock company «Kobrin Cannery» - a company with strong traditions. Founded in 1948, is one of the oldest food enterprises of the republic. In the factory shops are more than 100 vegetables, tomato and canned fruit. Installed Power lines allow loading up with products in bottles and cans of the European standard. All products the factory produced are only from natural resources, and ongoing multi-level control of microbiological and physical-chemical laboratories, which determines the safety of products for consumer health. Production of the factory is marked by many diplomas, awards and certificates. Calling Card of the factory is a canned food such as, «Green Peas» and «Caviar squash», which has consistently enjoyed high demand from buyers. Presented in a wide range of dining and snack cans, which include «Soup», «Borsch», «Rassolnik», «Beetroot soup», various salads and appetizers - can significantly save time and be cooked in 3-4 minutes. This is the ideal food during religious posts also. The unique beneficial properties have nectars «Carrot juice with pulp and sugar», «Carrot-apple juice with pulp and sugar», and «Pumpkin-apple juice with pulp and sugar”. These products are a real treasure trove of vitamins and other nutrients. They represent a great nutritional and therapeutic value due to their content of carotene. Tomato Group products under the trademark PC «Kobrin Cannery» - this is real property made from tomatoes and tomato-pasta sauces and ketchups, not having in their composition other non-necessary components. Buying our sauces and ketchups, you will enjoy the taste of tomatoes in various combinations with other vegetables and seasonings. Glass packaging is recognized with specialists of the factory as the best packaging of canned food for the human organism, which does not bring him harm. During storage of canned food in glass bottles there is no bad influence of the composition of the glass jar on the content of the bottle, as in any other container - a metal, polymer that has the ability to «partially transform into a product, thus worsening the quality indicators of canned. Safeguarding the health of the nation, we do not use in the production of food, artificial additives, thickeners, flavorings and colorings, our products are 100% natural products with affordable price. Fruits, berries and vegetables grown under the warm sun; year-round, unstoppable operating mode of the factory, technicians and workers which provide good condition of the products - with all these, we prove the necessity of our great «kitchen» that works for all the Belarusian’s.